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How To Make Your Man Want You

How To Make Your Man Want You

Do you find your love now? Is he the one that you want to be with you forever? Then it’s time to make your man want you more and more. There is no other wish for a woman than making a man commit and want only hers.

However, it doesn’t happen in a day. It will happen after you make some efforts to make him love you. There are general stigma saying that man is hard to commit and forever naughty. It’s not all true because once you get his psyche, he will be yours forever.

Man is just like woman. They have love and desire to build eternal relationship. However, there are some major errors done by woman which seems cannot be tolerated anymore. It gives him a major turn off in return.

What you need to do is not conquer him and be his master. You have to get his deepest parts and after that he’s yours. The deepest parts includes his character, motivation, obsession, ambition, and goal.

How to make it happen? Here are the ways:

He’s a King Not a Slave

As a woman, you must think that you’re queen when every wish you made should be there in a minute. However, you have to remember that if you’re a queen, your man is a king. Other than making him serve you this and that, why not you listen on what he’s saying. Try to understand his needs and wants.

Make him comfortable to be around you. It is often that a woman decide everything based on her wants. It will be great if you let your man choose as well. Involve him in making decision so he feel appreciated and respected.

In addition, if you need his help, it will be better to ask him not instruct him. He will stop complaining when you ask his help in positive tone. He likes to be the superhero for his woman not a slave. Hence, appreciate and respect him, then you will get his love.

Don’t Be an All Outer

Woman always tend to keep talking and tell her man about her day and night. It will make him crazy, yes literally crazy because he will see you uninterested anymore. You’ll be like a broken radio that keeps talking randomly.

When he asks something, answer it briefly. It will make him more curious about the details. With this way, you will also know when he’s in a good and bad mood. If he keeps asking you the details of your story, it means he’s in a good mood.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t ask you further question, you must stop telling the stories and start focusing on his.

Make More Intimacy

To make your man want you, you need to know his instinct. Man has more instinct of sex than woman. He likes gentle touch especially from a woman he loves. You can make physical contact everywhere properly.

For example, look his eyes when you’re making conversation. Place your hand on his thighs once in a while. Then, pet his hair or head when you find him attractive. Don’t forget to holding hands while you’re walking because a man like showing off to the world that you’re his.

He will like this especially when there are guys who fixate their eyes on you but you keep on holding his hands to make him only yours.

To make him want you, you don’t need to change to be somebody else. However, it is worth it that you make a slight changes to your appearance to make him more attracted. Changing hair color, or usual lipstick will grab his attention. You can also change your scent. It will make him notice in few seconds and start being curious to you.

Changing is not only in the matter of appearance. You can make it on the bed. If your man looks bored of the same sex routine, try to put on new lingerie to make him excited again. To make your man want you, try new position or technique.

It will surprise him and he will go crazy over you. Besides sex, you can lock his heart through his stomache. Cook him his favorite foods and ask for a dinner at home.

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