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How to Keep Your Man Happy In A Relationship Sexually and Emotionally

How to Keep Your Man Happy In A Relationship Sexually and Emotionally

Wife’s happiness is not 100 % element to create a happy marriage. Husband’s happiness is as much important as wife’s. Thus, there’s no reason to be selfish on your own. You have to make your man happy as well. It is vital to know how to keep your man happy in a relationship sexually and emotionally.

Why are sex and emotion mentioned?

It’s because they play important role in a relationship. When you are sexually satisfied, you will be emotionally happy and vice versa. Therefore, let’s find out how to make a man happy all the time.

Know the best timing        

Timing is important that’s why there’s time table and schedule. Timing in relationship means you need to know the right time to talk, cuddle, make conversation, and argue. Man (are like women) also gets moody sometimes.

Hence, you have to adjust yourself if you want to get closer to him. If he has gone through a bad day, don’t ask him to gossiping your friends. It will make his day even worse. Rather than talking about yourself, talk about his. You can ask his problem or encourage him to be more spirited.

Express your feeling sincerely     

Even if you’re a passive lover, expressing love is still a must. You can show your love by action or words. You have to show him that you care for him. You need to show it through a warm hug, passionate kiss, and pleasure sex.

It will lead you to mutual affection. It means when you express your love to your man, he will express it more. That’s why it’s mutual affection. Therefore, you and him will be the happiest couple on earth. However, keep your expressed love proper. Don’t go overboard by showing your obsessive acts because it will give him a major turn off instead.

Stop being too self-oriented        

Women are God’s creatures who always want to be taken care. Men should give up everything on her side. However, don’t be too selfish. He is a human too. How to make your man happy in a relationship is you don’t need to be with him for 24 hours. Give him space to enjoy his time with his friends or doing his hobby.

Besides, you have to be more compromised in making decision. He will feel appreciated when you let him decide. Avoid yelling and screaming when you have disagreement. Instead of arguing, try to make even-toned discussion to get win-win solution.

Raise his sexual happiness        

Sexual happiness is also important to make your man experience a happy relationship. You can make him turn on by touching his sensitive place. You can also give him a massage to calm him.

Besides, give him passionate kiss and hug when you have a chance to do so. You can watch romantic movies together to share the feeling and joy of the story. It’s fine to watch erotic movies together to raise your sexual desire.

Find new place to have a date        

Your man might be bored to hang out at the same place. Thus, you can try to take him out to new places with romantic view. You can have fun at new place.

The place doesn’t nee to be luxuriously expensive. Beaches, hotels, parks are good options to try rather than being hooked up at the same place every day. Use the weekend to take a vacation or visit special venue.

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Be more dynamic

You want to pleasure him in bed right? Then you have to be more adventurous to try something new. Try new position of sex that you both have never experienced before.

It will be much better when you practice it in different places like hotel room while you’re having a vacation on the weekend. Try to explore more position and techniques to make him sexually happy.

Another way to find out how to make your man happy in a relationship is expressing your love by words. If you visit this link, you will get a chance to try Obsession Phrases program. It is a program made for women to keep their man sexually, mentally, and eternally happy. The program is available in e-book so you can practice it at home and see the difference after.

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