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Differentiate Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

Differentiate Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

Every one has their own experience in having relationship. Some just look normal and some look distinctively different. No matter what, it must be healthy. The word ‘healthy’ might still sound too abstract for you.

What make it so important to have healthy relationship?

When you commit to be in a relationship with someone you love, you need to learn the value of respect and it’s not a small task. Thus, you should know the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. It will help you to recognize what kind of relationship you’re in now.

The world

Healthy relationship is always based on the reality while the unhealthy is always based on fantasy. You have to realize that what you watch on TV series is different from your real life. Thus, don’t make your fantasy weaken your mind.

Human is human and every human makes mistake. Nobody’s perfect is what you need to keep in mind once you feel your relationship isn’t as perfect as in the movies.

Building your relationship based on what you fantasize about will put you in too high expectation. For example, you find out your partner’s weakness and you can’t stand it. You have to accept his weakness and find another way to focus more on what you love from him.


The role in relationships should be like partners, friends or it can be said that it should be equal. Unhealthy relationship will make imbalance role to one side. While healthy one will make the role as balance as possible.

The example of unhealthy relationships is when you make your man (for example) the one that should fulfill your needs. Hence, you dominate the ground and not allowed him to have important role.

It is bad and will lead you to the worse condition. Instead of victimize one person, it’s better to have equal rights. Therefore, your relationship is more like a friendship.


The sign of healthy and unhealthy relationships can be seen by the sincerity. If you have sincere love, you will respect each other, you both will value for the true love you crave for. On the other hand, unhealthy relationship will make you give to get something in return.

Having a happy relationship isn’t about calculating how much you give and how much you take. It’s not a business that deserves for counting. Being sincere is a must to build healthy relationship so it will last longer.

Emotional Management

What do you do when your partner makes mistake? Do you always take a revenge or restoration? Healthy relationship will restore instead of take revenge when the other make mistake. It is important that you keep your emotional management to not easily get angry at small things.

Don’t easily pick up a fight if the problem can be solved by discussion. Revenge, blame, rejection, anger will only lead you to severe fights. Besides, it will get worse if you make it as habits. Hence, use your logic and think positively to have healthy relationship and avoid fighting.

Obsessive Level

It is important to feel owned each other. However, the level should be normal. It means that if you love him, you have to trust him. Keeping him in check will make him feel choked up.

It will bring him into uncomfortable environment. Thus, you can make a feel of ‘he’s mine’ but not in excessive level of desperate obsession.

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It is essential that you know what is healthy and unhealthy relationships because it will influence how you enjoy yourself and your partner in the relationships. If you are now in unhealthy relationship, you can make some changes and improvements to make it better in a positive ways without forcing it.

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