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Signs of A Healthy Relationship You Need To Know

Signs of A Healthy Relationship You Need To Know

Do you know already the signs of a healthy relationship? What kind of relationship are you in now? Well, having a happy, fun and healthy relationship must be everyone’s wish. However, It’s easier said than done and not all couple can do it. Therefore, is it still possible to have healthy relationship even if we’re not in it now?

To answer the question, let’s reveal the elements that will be the fundamentals for strong, healthy and long lasting relationship. They are sex, romance, and goals. Let’s reveals those elements that will lead you to know more about the signs.


Like other creatures, human has instinct of sex. If you’re in healthy relationships, you and your man will have strong desire in building your love through healthy sex. You both will try to pleasure each other and avoid being self-centered.

You can be categorized having unhealthy relationship if he starts losing desire of sex towards each other. Or, one of you being forced to do it while the other struggle to enjoy the sex routine. You can improve your sex life to improve your relationship as well. You have to listen on what his wants and needs.

Then, discuss it together to find the best solution. Besides, try to explore more about new things to make your man satisfied. However, you need to make yourself happy. You can talk to him what you really like when you’re having sex and what you expect from him. Therefore, you have balance role as a partner in a healthy relationship.


Healthy relationship doesn’t mean that it should be flawless and being perfect everyday. It sounds intimidating if you have to think that healthy relationship built by unchanging romance. In relationship, there’s always ups and downs and it can’t be avoided. It will always appear to make your relationship more dynamic.

Thus, romance plays important role in relationship but it doesn’t need to be exaggerated. You can lighten up your romance by cooking together, share your happiness, be understanding, and having a small vacation at the end of the month or in weekend.

The sign of healthy relationship can be seen by the romance existed between couple. Being romantic means that you doesn’t lose eye contact, maintain your mood towards each other and being affectionate. Therefore, spending quality time is important to liven up the romance so it will impact to healthier relationships.


Healthy relationship doesn’t mean you have exactly same goal. You might have different goals but in the journey of your relationship, both of you try several ways to make the same goals. The goals are to have happy married life, be better person for each other, and respect each other.

To make those goals come true, you have to work in team. You have to put away illogical fantasies, selfish ego, and unfair tendencies. You have to inspire each other to become a better person, pleasure each other to get happiness, and care each other to get strong relationship.

If you are now trying to do all those efforts, then you are in a healthy relationship. It’s the sign that you have a happy environment with your partner and it’s good to go.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that the signs of a happy relationship can be seen by the 3 elements. They are sex, romance, and goal. If you are having a happy sex life, desirable romance and same goals, it means that you have avoided of having unhealthy relationships.

Furthermore, a healthy relationship will bring you into positive feeling and quality of life. Meanwhile, unhealthy one will bring you sadness and depression.

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