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Things Women Should Know About Men’s Secret

Things Women Should Know About Men’s Secret

There are many things that we don’t know in this life. Sometimes, we think that it’s easy to get to know each other. However, even if you have got married for years, it doesn’t mean that you have already known what’s in his mind.

Thus, it is vital to find more about things women should know about men. By knowing all about your husband, you will easily conquer his heart and love of course. If you want to make your man only yours, you have to know the enigma of male.

– Man and His Heart

If you think that your husband only has ability to think and doesn’t have any to love, you think wrong. Men are just like other humans. They also feel love. But what about your husband who always forget to say “I love you” while he’s working, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore.

There has been studied that men think the time flies faster than women thinks. Thus, he always lost in mind and doesn’t realize that the time has flied fast while women think vice versa. Therefore, you don’t have to always wait your man to say ”I Love you”. You can be the one who say it first while he’s working at office. He will be so glad to hear it from you.

– Woman’s Act

The things women should know about men, most of men don’t like of women who act like a child or teenage girls. They don’t like hearing your nasal voice (purposely made). Men are more interested in strong and independent women who act elegantly but not being fake.

Thus, you have to act as your age. Use language that’s appropriate. Men like cute women but it doesn’t need to be so childish. You can act sexily rather than childishly. Men will have a major turn off when you act like a teenager.

– Don’t Try Too Hard

It is true that men like beautiful women. However, women always get misperception that beauty equal with heavy make-up. Don’t try too hard to make up yourself with ridiculous effort.

Just dress and put some make up naturally to show your beauty. Your husband has known everything about you even when you’re not using make up. Thus, keep your husband loving you by natural appearance.

– Turn Off and On

If your husband is hard to get turn on especially when he’s aged, don’t hate him. Instead, you need to do something to turn his on. If he lack of sex desire, you can initiate to seduce him sexily and beautifully. Men aren’t good in expressing their mind.

Hence, you can express what’s in your mind by words. When you both are having sex, you can praise him to appreciate what he’s done. It will make him love you more. Men like to be respected and appreciated.

There is always generalization about men that they only think about women, sex and hobbies. Well, it’s not truly wrong yet it’s not fully true. Men have been created by God with their own specialties in the matter of nerves, mind, cells, hormones, and so on.

Therefore, it influences their way of thinking and habits. Moreover, every human is unique but it doesn’t mean you cannot dig out the mystery of their uniqueness.

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