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4 Ways In Pleasing Husband In Bed

4 Ways In Pleasing Husband In Bed

A marriage is a part of life that is waited by everyone around the world. Unfortunately, most of them cannot undergo this marriage well, even their marriage always end by divorce. One of the causes of it is there is a harmony in their relationship.

Harmonic relationship will create long lasting marriage. The harmony of marriage itself will appear if the husband feel satisfy with the services of his wife, especially if his wife can please him in sexual intercourse.

Do you want to know 4 ways in pleasing your husband in bed? To know those ways clearly, let’s to dig a hole about them below.


Build Emotional Relationship

Same as a women, a men will get his pleasing in bed when he feel cozy. This comfort usually comes from daily relationship between husband and wife. The thing that has an important role here is husband’s feeling, such as the sense of respected and appreciated.

For example, husband feel cozy if his wife is not fussy, understanding him, obedient him, and patient in facing his bad habits. Those characters usually not build his comfort but also his love to you.

Showing Self Confidence

One of the ways in pleasing your husband is your self confidence. Many women agree that their self confidence become one of the things that attracts her attention in bed, especially self confidence about their body.

It is believed or not that this confidence exudes an aura of serenity and challenge for husband in making love with you.

Showing your Desire in Making Love with Him

A wife who may just let go in bed doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have desire in making love. However, showing your desire in making love with your husband will more please husband in bed. Because, a man will be more passionate if he believe that you have desire to make love with him.

To show your desire in making love, you can start with touching him more than usual and then touching his sensitive organ passionately. Don’t forget to wear sexy cloth, because generally a man will be passionate if he sees a woman wears it. Is it easy in pleasing your husband, isn’t it?

Using Variation in Sexual Activities

One of ways that can you do in pleasing your husband is using variation of sexual activities. Basically, people tend to be curious toward a new thing. Thus, in sexual intercourse a man surely want to try the different sexual activity that can build his passionate in making love with you.

Actually, we cannot mentions that men love a woman like A, B, C, or D because each man has different will. However, there is a moment where a man like a wild woman, especially in bed. By doing this, you will help your husband in trying and finding new variation of your sexual activities.

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After knowing the 4 ways in pleasing your husband above, do you still be afraid and hesitate cannot please your husband well?

It  can be understood because some ways doesn’t really work in some cases in pleasing husband. Thus, to know more about how to please your husband by using obsession phrases, please click here.

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