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What a Man Wants in a Relationship Must Be Understood

What a Man Wants in a Relationship Must Be Understood

Over the time, both a woman and a man want to have a serious relationship in a marriage. To have an ideal marriage, it took a lot of preparation for it.

So, that’s why it becomes the primary reason why marriage is not easy. In a marriage, a husband may has many hopes that cannot be expressed. As a wife, you should be able to understand what your husband want in marriage even though it had never been uttered.

what a man wants in a relationship

Generally, There are Things What a Man Wants In a Relationship


Firstly, a man not only wants a relationship as husband and wife but also friendship. Your husband might want it because he tend to feel comfortable and secure when expressing feelings, sharing problems and also to share happiness.

Thus, there is no harm for you to position yourself not only as a wife but also as a friend of your husband. So, your chemistry with her husband will be more closely intertwined.


Then, a man wants freedom in marriage to you. In this case, your husband hoped that by getting married does not mean that he will lose his freedom. This freedom means the freedom in doing activity and freedom to hang out with friends.

You have to give space to the husband to do positive activities he wanted, such as hobbies, hanging out with friends and others. Of course, freedom here will be slightly different with freedom when he is unmarried because the husband had to pay attention to your feelings when doing something.

By giving him the freedom, he will also give you the freedom in doing everything you want. Here you can see how powerful the strength of mutual understanding in your marriage.

Comfortable Home

In addition, men also want a comfortable home. The function of home for a husband is not just a shelter but a place that can provide a sense of comfort for him. Word “comfortable” here does not mean the home should be luxury, magnificent, and full of amenities. But, the atmosphere of the house and its condition makes him comfortable to stay in it.

Therefore, you should try to create the cozy atmosphere at your home. The things you can do to create this condition is by complying his needs and request, be polite and gracious to him and also makeup your face. Hence, your husband will feel comfortable sitting at home and spending his free time with you.

Then, what usually men want in a relationship is appreciated and loved. When you can comply his needs, he will feel interested. In addition, by always showing respect, caring, honesty, openness and affection, it will make your husband feel be loved.

When it has been felt by him, he would believe that the relationship that is built with you have given him happiness assurances that surely influence harmony of your marriage.


Besides, thing what your man wants in a relationship is romance. Romantic gesture is one of the ingredients of marriage because without the romance, the relationship will taste bland. You can show your romance side to husband in a variety of ways. One of them is to giving praise in any way with smoot and beautiful words because basically man wants to be praised.

Those words also can show your respected, appreciated and loved. In addition you can give your husband a little physical touch as a form of your romance. It can be done in the form of hugs and kisses.

Thus, your romance side will not only make him convenient but also happy when he is with you.


Another thing what a man wants in relationship is harmony. The harmony that occurs is a result of your mutual respect, caring, open, need and forgive each other.

Based on the explanation above about what a man wants in a relationship, as a good wife you should be able to understand, pay attention and realize that your husband has many hopes although he never reveal it.

By understanding it, it will give positive impact on your marriage. Then, you have to know how the other way to praised your husband. You can show it by using or adding the obsession phrases. If you don’t know what are the good obsession phrases, let’s immediately click here.

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