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Understanding 4 Common Relationship Problems and Its Solution

Understanding 4 Common Relationship Problems and Its Solution

Everybody who wants to get married or even has been married surely want a marriage lasting until only death will separate you with a partner. However, to maintain marriage is not as easy as imagined.

Many obstacles and barriers that you and husband will face in the course of your household’s ark. Therefore, for you who want to spend the rest of your life with a man, you must know the 4 common relationship problems and its solution.

There are actually a lot of problems that arise in marriage, but here will be mentioned 4 common relationship problems.

Problems Relating to Financial 

Financial factors often become a trigger many problems for the household. Financial is associated with money. Some of you complain when they are given a few money.  They will be angry to their husband until it arose strife among them.

The most dangerous effect for this problem is when they don’t respect their husband. Of course, it will become a bigger problem if you have glamorous life.

The glamorous life will demand you to wanna have much money to show your status and prestige although you are not able to do it. Even, if your marriage has been blessed with children, money problems will increasingly become a complicated problem.

It cannot be denied that the money is urgently needed to live in a marriage. Prophet Muhammad says: “things can make you happy: good wife, spacious house, a good neighbor and a comfortable vehicle”.

In the hadith, prophet Muhammad mentions that homes and vehicles are needed in the household, of course those certainly can be bought with money. It is not wrong if financial is a common problem that occurs in a relationship.

To avoid marriage problems due to financial factors, there are three ways you can do. Firstly, believe in that sustenance comes from God and it can be hampered because of sin. Thus, it sought through right ways.

Second, you should learn knowledge how to look for sustenance. And last, you should improve your effort in searching sustenance more vigorously.

common relationship problems

Problems Relating to Communication 

Generally, men tend to rarely express everything in words. Most men often look cool, while women more often want to communicate with her partner. Therefore, this will lead to a misunderstanding among them.

This often occurs in older marriage is because couple in early marriage usually communicate more intense. What you can do to avoid this problem is to be extrovert with your partner.

By doing this, your husband will feel appreciated and he will also be open  to you. This will display a sense of mutual need of each other. Hence, your marriage become more harmonious.

Problems Relating to Sexuality 

Sexuality often becomes a common relationship problem. The cause may be due to dissatisfaction because husband cannot resolve your sexual needs or because his diseases that cause he cannot engage in sexual acts, like having erectile dysfunction.

This can lead you to big problems like infidelity, especially if you have a high sexual desire. However, you do not have to worry about this problem because there is no problem without solution.

A solution of this problem is fortify yourself with belief that the affair was prohibited. Then, you also need to encourage and help your husband to undergo treatment until he is completely healed.

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Problems Relating to The Lack of Religion Understanding 

Lack of religion understanding can be regarded as the main trigger of the conflict in the family. When you and your partner have little understanding of religion, then all the conflicts in your relationship will be even greater because it will be faced emotionally and based on personal interest only.

It is different if you and husband have a better religion understanding. You will be able to control yourself because you know that each problem should not be faced with emotion but must be resolved in a way that is completely appropriate to the laws contained in the holy books.

By understanding the 4 common relationship problems above, it can be concluded that the understanding of religion is a powerful solution to resolve any problem happened in the marriage. It is not too late to learn because of the religious knowledge can lead the you towards the happiness of the world and the hereafter.

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