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Relationship Advice for Women in Building Ideal Marriage

Relationship Advice for Women in Building Ideal Marriage

Everyone must crave an ideal marriage relationship. Ideal here means not only happy but also harmonious and lasting. In fact, it is not easy to realize the ideal marriage.

There is no relationship that doesn’t find obstacles and barriers, including the ideal relationship. The ideal relationship is precisely the relationship that has been and able to pass any problems that are present in marriage.

Problems that occur in marriage can come from external and internal factors. A major factor in smashing relationship is internal factors. In this case, the problem can come from the husband or wife.

However, problems stemming from the husband usually also inseparable from dissatisfaction over his wife’s role in marriage. The wife’s role has a large portion enough in marriage because wife usually organize all the needs in the household.

Therefore, the following will be explained some relationship advice for women in order to create the ideal marriage relationship.

relationship advice for women

Relationship Advice for Women: Build Husband’s Trust

As a woman, you should always build husband’s trust against yourself. Trust is an important asset in the marriage and often referred to as one of the foundations of ideal marriage because the trust will provide comfort to your husband when he lives with you.

This trust can be built by being honest in everything. Thing should be considered when you reveal honesty to husband is his feeling. Your honesty shouldn’t be expressed in aiming at offending and hurting his feelings.

Besides, you can build his trust by being open as your respects to the husband. In this case, the openness will minimize his suspicions against you. By being open, the husband will feel confident that you do not have a secret that is hidden from him. Then, his trust to you will get greater.

Then, trust can grow by doing your role as a wife as good as possible. By preparing and taking care of your relationship and husband need well it will make him believe that you are the best partner and adherent for him.

One more thing that can build your husband’s trust is a total commitment. When you are committed to your relationship, then you will do anything to maintain it. By doing it, automatically your husband will see your sincerity in relationships and reassures him that you are an appropriate choice to accompany his life.

Relationship Advice for Women: Obedience

Another relationship advice for women to live with your partner is your obedience. A good woman will make effort to be obedient to her husband because obedience to him is an obligation that must be carried out after obedience to god and her parent.

By always obeying husband, you will not only get a happy marriage life in the world, but will also get happiness in the day of vengeance later. Besides, your obedience will make husband feel appreciated, respected and lucky because he thinks that you are the best wife and mother to his children.

Husband Already Believe In You

Then, what would happen if your husband already believe in you? You will get preferential treatment and good care of him.

However, what about the women emancipation that is currently booming in this era? As a religious woman, you should know that you may be have a career but it must be done based on his permission.

In addition, you should not forget your obligations as a wife. If your husband doesn’t allow you to have a career, you should do your activities only at home. This observance will minimize the egoism that occur between you and your husband, so that harmony will be created in your relationship.

Besides, as a wife you should seek to please your husband. There are many ways to please him. One of them is avoiding the characters that are disliked by him. A character that is not favored by most men is egoist wife.

This wife just concerns with her own interests without considering the needs and will of her husband. This should be avoided because the husband will tend to look for another woman who cares more of him. Besides, the husband dislikes a wife who stubborn.

When a wife is stubborn, it will be difficult for him because she will do everything that she want although her husband dislikes it. If you do not change this character, there is no doubt that it will trigger major problems in your relationship.

Then, character that is most disliked by a husband of a wife is over protective because of this character will tend to restrain the husband to perform various activities that he want to do. This will cause inconvenience for your husband and he will likely be introvert and not being honest with you.

Hopefully, the brief explanation about relationship advice for women above will be helpful for you. In this case you also can use obsession phrases in pleasing husbands’s feeling. If you want to know more information about how to improve the quality of your marriage by using obsession phrases, please click here.

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