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Causative Factors of Marriage Without Trust

Causative Factors of Marriage Without Trust

Everybody who has undergone the household must want to have a harmonious marriage. Harmony can be defined as a situation where there is the close relationship between husband and wife which caused they always feel happy and want to be in a same place in many times.

It is no wonder if one of you expects your romantic relationship. Ironically, a many couples cannot have a romantic relationship. What is the cause of it?

One of the biggest causes of the disharmony in a marriage is a lack of trust. Thus, what will happen with the marriage without trust?

You certainly already know the answer. Yes, what will happen is disharmony; even divorce often becomes the final solution that is chosen. Therefore, let’s identify more the factors that cause the occurrence of marriage without trust to avoid it.

marriage without trust

There are several factors that lead to marriages without trust. First, the possibility of marriage occurs because of coercion. It is called as coercion because one of them is forced to undergo marriage.

Marriage Without Trust :: Matchmaking That Is Done By Parent

This marriage may occur because of matchmaking that is done by parent, having debt, and others. Of course if one feels forced to undergo marriage, harmony in marriage will be difficult to be built.

What will happen is awkward feeling, even the worst effects of the marriage because of coercion is the absence of trust. So, he or she will not feel happy when living with a partner.

If this happens, the divorce often becomes solving problem. It is advisable to avoid forced marriage so that you can be happy to live with your partner.

If you have to undergo marriage because of matchmaking or because of debts, you better convince yourself that whatever happens and however the way it is, your husband or wife is the best partner that has been sent by GOD for you in the rest of your life.

If you are able to receive it, then you will be able to have harmonious life with your partner although at first you feel forced to undergo it.

Marriage Without Trust :: Absence of Mutual Openness Between Husband and Wife

Besides, marriage without trust can occur in the absence of mutual openness between husband and wife. Openness factor also often become a cause of the loss of trust in the household.

You should not only become transparency in financial factor but also in everything including your feelings. If there is no openness between you and husband, it cannot be denied that there is distrust among you.

You can imagine if this distrust increases, the harmony will be difficult to be presented in your marriage. What will happen is only squabbles. Hence, to avoid this problem you should try to create openness. You can start from yourself to give an example in being extrovert to your partner.

Nothing is impossible if you start it, your partner will do the same as you do. It is possible that his introvert may occur because of husband’s reluctance or his fear that you will not receive him thoroughly of if he is being extrovert to you. Automatically if openness has been created, you will avoid the marriages without trust.

Marriage Without Trust :: Over Protective and Excessive Jealous

Then, marriage without trust can be caused by over protective and excessive jealous. Basically the attitude protective and jealous should be owned by every couple, but it should not be exaggerated. Protective attitude could occur because the fear of losing your couple.

Thus, over protective attitude can be dangerous if it is over. Over protective will lead to distrust to your couple. So, it will cause inconvenience to your couple and trigger your couple being introvert.

To avoid the existence of over protective is you should always think positively and let your couple to indulge and interact with others as long as it is within reasonable limits.

Trust in a marriage relationship is very important. If you want to know how to build a trust, please read this article trust in a marriage built by these meaningful acts.

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