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Incredibly Desirable Ways To Pleasure Your Man

Incredibly Desirable Ways To Pleasure Your Man

You and your man might have already had happy life. However, happy is not enough to make your love last longer. It is important to get the pleasure between couple.

Happiness and pleasure are connected. Both are synchronized each other. You will be happy when you get satisfying pleasure from each other. If you try to find the ways to pleasure your man, it’d better to keep on reading.

The best way to make your husband feel unlimited happiness is to pleasure him on bed. Man has been created by God for his ‘sexuality’.

Then, you can pleasure him through sexual activities. It sounds easy yet lots of couples break up or divorce because of this matter. Hence, sexual quality plays an important role on couple’s happiness. It can be one of the most important elements that you need to pay attention.

ways to pleasure your man

Here are Some Ways To Give Desirable Pleasure For Your Man:

– Do It Slowly      

Before having the main core activity, you should start with varied fore play. It’s not only important for warming up but also for pleasure. You can do fore play and bury him in pleasure. If he often to dominate you on the bed, it’s your turn to dominate him.

– Know His Most Sensitive Spot      

There is no other pleasure than sensitive spot. It is the key to turn him on. Two of the most sensitive spots are the back of his ears and the tips of his Mr.P.

Those two spots will make him speechless. At the same time, you should do something special to those special spots. Treat them with care so you will pleasure him not torturing.

– Role Playing         

It is often that men fantasize to have sex with different women. Wait, it doesn’t mean he wants to cheat on you. It’s just natural fantasy that every man has and it can be the way to pleasure him.

You can help him make his fantasy comes true by role playing. You can choose his favorite character. Or you can decide yourself as a maid, sexy secretary, or tempting waitress.

You can dress up based on the role and start teasing him. He will automatically turn on by seeing you in different mode because they are God’s creature who are visually stimulated.

– Give Him Compliment 

It is important that you compliment him while and after having sex. Complimenting while making love isn’t only an abstract moan that the porn actor does. More than that, you can precisely says what you like on him for example the way he touch or kiss you.

Then, complimenting after sexual intercourse can be done by saying him ‘thank you for pleasuring me’. That word will pleasure him more. Appreciating him in proper way will show him sincerity of yours.

– Surprise Him   

You can surprise him and give exceptionally pleasure all night by touching yourself. You can touch your sensitive spots and let him see it.

It will surprise him to see you are having a great pleasure on yourself. Beside touching yourself, slow motion will give him another sensation. Hence, instead of doing the intercourse fast, you can slow it down so he can explore more the sensation and pleasure.

There are many ways to pleasure your man. However, the most important thing is how he gets pleasure on the bed. Sex quality plays important role because it can take both of you to the next level of deeper love.

It can bound the connection between you and your man tighter. If you think you have problem with your sex, you just need to find the solution by reading books to know more sexual knowledge and find the best way to pleasure your husband.

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