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How to Satisfy Your Man on Bed

How to Satisfy Your Man on Bed

You might be wondering how to satisfy your man on bed. It’s always been a big issue among married couple. Well, satisfaction is indeed one of the measurements of happiness.

Women seem to have problem because they are not confident enough. Men tend to play more active in sexual intercourse and women are worried that they cannot give the same way.

Therefore, it is important that women learn how to satisfy man because it will affect the quality of married life.

There are lots of knowledge regarding to sexual life. Men tend to be more opened while women are vice versa. There are lots of women think that sexual matter is private. Hence, they seem to have greater problem when they face difficulty in satisfying their men.

If you have problem with sexual matter, then you may consider some of the ways below. It will help you to improve sexual life and give your man satisfaction.

how to satisfy your man

Here are Some Ways To Satisfy Your Man On Bed 

– Dig out more knowledge about what man likes        

You can try to search for information regarding to man’s life, especially his sexual arousal. You can find it via internet.

There you will find lots of information about the sensitive spots of man that you can explore later on the bed. You don’t need to feel embarrassed doing all this stuff because it’s for your happiness as well.

– Be bold

Women tend to be more conservative and men sometimes feel sick of it. Thus, you can give him satisfaction by showing different side of yours.

You can try to be more agressive but not too much. You may start the first move to have him in bed. However, do it in a soft and elegant way. Don’t be in a rush. You can whisper to him and let him hear beautiful words like ‘I want you’. He will be happily surprised by that.

– Try new things        

When you try to find out how to satisfy man, try out new things. Your man might be bored to have the same routine at the same place with the same person. Thus, you can make different routine by making love on the couch or sofa in the evening on the weekend.

It will be more special if he does it with different person. Wait, don’t misunderstand. You can become a different person by playing role. It will be exciting for both of you. You can act as a naughty waitress that he’s been dreamed of.

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– Use your mouth        

Women have powerful mouth which can deliver powerful words as well. Thus, you can attack him with words that every man will like. However, it’s not only about delivering the words but also the emotion.

You have to say it emotionally with all your sincerity. While you are having sex, say magical words like ”you’re fantastic” or ”I want it more”.

It is better that you get your vocal by saying a bit dirty words or complement rather than just moaning. It will trigger his sexual instinct. More than that, he will emotionally bounded with you because he feel appreciated. Therefore, he will be satisfied.

Those are some ways on how to satisfy your man especially on bed. You cannot underestimate the power of bed connection because through sexual activities you can make tight link with your man.

If you want more information about how to make your man begging and obsessed over you, just find out here. There you will find how the words can powerfully affect your relationships through sexual life. There will be a program that you can follow to get a true love from your man.

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