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Romantic Ways on How to Rekindle a Marriage

Romantic Ways on How to Rekindle a Marriage

You feel that the spark of your marriage is getting down. Is it normal or is there something wrong about it?

Well, the sensation of honeymoon memories might not last that long. As the time goes by, you less your desire. That might also happen to your husband. You might see him lacking of passion in expressing his love to you.

Don’t be in a rush and point him that he has another woman in his mind. There are some ways that you can practice on how to rekindle a marriage. It sounds easy to say but hard to practice.

how to rekindle a marriage

Before going further, let’s find out the signs of marriage that need to be rekindled: 

  • Your husband is more focus on his works.
  • He is getting rare to touch you.
  • He seems to hard concentrating on your talk.
  • He prefers watching tv than making conversation with you.
  • He always talks about another woman at his work.

how to rekindle a marriage 2If you find one or several signs above, then you need to rekindle your marriage through these ways:

– Flashback the Good Memories

It is often that you focus only on bad memories and let the good ones left.

If you flashback the old and good memories started from your first meet to honeymoon experience, you will be able to spark the love.

You have willingness to save your marriage and make everything burns again. Don’t think on negative thoughts that will lead you to hate him.

– Make Unpredictable Things

If you feel bored then you can change things up. You can prepare special menu for him. Cook by yourself the menu and try to surprise him. If you prepare special foods, he will be happy when he gets home.

If you are not a good cook and not confident enough, you can ask your spouse to go on a date. It must be fun to go on the park and ride a roller coaster.

Another choice is doing sport together. It’s not only about doing sprint together but you can compete each other. It will increase the level of competitiveness and togetherness at the same time.

– Get Intense With Your Touch

Another way on how to rekindle your marriage is touch. Touching might be usual thing at the beginning of your marriage.

However, you and your husband get more and more space and forget to touch each other. With more intense touch, you can build the feeling. Besides, it will increase your sex desire.

– Have Fun Sexual Routine

Some couples tend to have sex for the obligations sake only. Thus, there is no meaning, feel, or sensation. Indeed, you need to have fun sex. Do it slow with fun fore play. You can talk while having sex with your husband.

Small talk during sex can bound your love tightly. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to praise him when he succeed to pleasure you. Then, end it with passionate hug or kiss to show him that you love him.

If you want something different, you can wear special lingerie to seduce him. Or you can take the initiative to take him on bed.

Having ups and downs in marriage life is usually happened. However, there are always ways that you can try to light the sparks of your love. Sex is one important element.

Another element is communication. If you feel bored on your relationship or routines, it’s better to talk with him.

By discussing, you will know better how your spouse’s feeling and find the best way to shine the romance between you two. When you have problem with how to rekindle a marriage, try the ways above to get happier life.

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