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How to Keep Your Husband Happy And Desirable

How to Keep Your Husband Happy And Desirable

Living marriage life isn’t easy but when you succeed in keeping it long lasting, you will get unexplainable happiness ever.

The key to have happy marriage is not only on woman’s hand but also man’s. Man’s happiness will affect to the overall’s.

Hence, you will feel so down when you see your husband looks less interested in you. If you are curious on how to keep your husband happy and desirable, you need to keep on reading because there will be secret of man’s happiness revealed.

There are several points of man’s happiness but sex could be put on the first place. Your husband might have done his best in satisfying you on the bed.

However, it is often that a husband feel insecure and worried that he might let you down with his performance. Therefore, you need to help him and encourage him so he feels confident. If you succeed in increasing his confidence level, he will give you better performance.

how to keep your husband happy

Here What You Can Do To Encourage Him:

– Give Him Verbal Attacks    

Men tend to give more verbal attacks than women. Thus, when you are the one who attacks him verbally, he will feel more appreciated.

Before having intimate moment, you can start giving him invitation word such as ‘I want you’ or ‘you looks so desirable’. It’s a sign that you need him. He will get excited by those magical words. Then, he will happily take you on the bed and give the best performance ever.

– Desirable Touch         

It’s time for you to make your husband on cloud nine. If you see your husband exhausted or less desire on having sex, you can take the first move to make him up.

Touch his sensitive area of his body along with soft invitation words like what we have discussed on the first point. The touch and the words will work if you put emotion enough. Thus, it’s not only tempting act but also lovely. Men will crave for you in a minute if you do so.

– Compliment What He ‘Does’     

Here is how to keep your man happy. You can give him compliment of what he does to you. You can say simple words like ‘I like the way you do’. It will automatically turn him on.

He will increase his level of performance to satisfy you. Compliment shows appreciation and care. Thus, it is important that you give compliment but it should be in a proper amount. If you compliment him too often that he might take it as fake.

– Cocktail Phrase         

‘I love you’ is a cocktail and ever lasting phrase. Every man will love to hear it from women’s lips. After having intimate moment, you can end it by saying “I love you” to your husband.

It will encourage him to love you more and do the best he can. Say it with emotion and keep the eye contact. Let your feeling flows with the words. It’s such a magical words that will make your husband the happiest man in the world.

Communication is important for happy marriage. Hence, when something needs to be expressed by words, express it. You don’t need to make poem to give him encouragement. Simple words with emotion will work, obsession phrase. That’s what will you find here.

There you will find obsession phrase that can be a good formula on how to keep your husband happy. It was written and formulated by Kelsey Diamond.

The solution for having happy marriage will be revealed and you can practice the tips at home. Guaranteed, your husband will pester you and get obsessed over you. If you are curious, just click the link and find the answer there.

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