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How to Improve My Marriage and Love Spark

How to Improve My Marriage and Love Spark

In marriage life, ups and downs always happen. No matter who you are, marriage will be a  fluctuate moment. If you have a question like how to improve my marriage and light up the love sparks, it’s important to take action.

The moment isn’t always as sweet as you thought before got married. However, it’s not something that you should take too deep. You can do something to improve the sparks of your marriage life. You still have a very big chance to get happier marriage.

There are several ways you can try to practice to liven up your love together.

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how to improve my marriage

Here We Go: 

– Small Surprise

It must be fun if you stick a romantic notes on his wallet. It doesn’t need to be extravagant words. By writing ‘I love you’ or ‘can’t wait to see you at home’ will make him feel excited to get back home after work.

It’s just a small act but meaningful for both of you. Showing love doesn’t need to be excessive but sweet and precise.

– Dig Out More About Him

You might have lived with your spouse for a very long time. However, it’s not granted that you know all about him already. To dig more about what he likes or hates, you can ask him openly by asking questions.

If you think it’s too obvious, you can focus when he’s talking. Listen on what he says will make you able to know him more.

– Make a Schedule for Sharing

Sometimes, couples are running out of time because of works. However, it is important to make schedule for you to share. You and your husband can share everything. It can be about what you did all day or sharing about you and his problems.

With this sharing routine, you and your spouse will be able to understand and feel each other. It doesn’t need to be done in serious way. You can do it on the bed before going to sleep or do it at the backyard.

– Improving Your Sex Life

Improve sexual quality can be the best answer to your question ‘ how to improve my marriage ‘. Everyone has their own fantasies. If you see that your husband lack of sex desire, it might be the indicator that he feels bored.

You can make changes by fulfilling his needs or desires of sex. It is better to share sexual experience together like reading romantic or erotic novel, watching romantic movies, and so on. It will increase sex needs and desire between you two.

– Scheduling Time for Having Sex

Make a schedule for having sex can help to improve your connection. By scheduling, you and your partner can prepare something to surprise each other.

There you will be able to pleasure each other. Besides, you can try to explore more about new position, techniques, or toys for each sexual routine.

When you watch erotic movies, you find out that the actors moan a lot. It’s a bad example that you don’t have to follow. Be vocal here means that you can express how you feel when you have sex with your husband.

If he try to pleasure you, then praise him. It will boost up his confidence level. You can say obsession phrases that will make him fly and want you more. However, say it with your feeling and right manner (whisper is way better than scream).

Obsession phrases that will spark your love and sexual quality is here. There you will find the best program created to answer your question ‘how to improve my marriage’.

Don’t be surprised when you follow the program because it will definitely work. Lots of couples have proved that it really works.

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