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Can My Marriage Be Saved With Simple Ways?

Can My Marriage Be Saved With Simple Ways?

Once a couple decide to go for further relationship, commitment is everything. However, it’s not easy to keep holding on commitment because marriage life isn’t a simple matter. Thus, lots of couples have broken their promise and choose to separate.

For you who are in the edge of marriage hills, you might have question like can my marriage be saved? The answer is yes it can. As wife, you might feel uneasy about separation. Indeed, marriage is worth to fight.

It isn’t easy to be in marriage stage because you must have considered everything well. However, problem always comes no matter who you are. No matter how strong your love is, the obstacles are always there.

It depends on how you react to that problems. You let them come and break your marriage or face and solve them. Problem of marriage always comes with the solution. Hence, nothing to be worried of it.

can my marriage be saved

Here are some problems that couple, especially wife experience in their marriage life:

♦ Your husband is putting his dirty clothes on the bed after you clean it.

♦ Your husband has different principles from yours.

♦ Your husband always come late from work without notifying you before.

♦ Both of you are getting busy with each business.

♦ Your husband fantasize other women which looks more attractive than you.

♦ Your husband lack of sex desire to you.

Here are the solutions for your question of “can my marriage be saved?”

The solutions that you can try to apply to save your marriage are:

– Get Communicated         

Communication is solution. Yes, people have different manner in expressing their mind. Some tend to be more active and expressive. You call them straightforward. Some tend to be harder in showing what they feel. Thus, they are more passive and like to keep they thoughts.

If you have problem on your marriage recently, don’t wait until it become a mountain of unsolved problem. You and your husband can share your thoughts in your comfortable way.

If you hard to express it verbally, you can write it and let your spouse read it. There are many ways to build communication and it depends on each person’s convenience.

– Skin-Ship         

One element to build strong relationship is skin-ship. If you are now getting rare to touch each other, you can start over. Touch your husband gently with care. You can touch his hand or his shoulder. It will show him that you still care about him.

If he responds, you can go to the next level like holding hands or hugging. Let your touch talk and calm your nerve. Gentle touch will allow you to access deeper feeling. Thus, there will be no intention for fighting.

– Improve Sexual Quality     

Sexual life is important element in marriage life. You might have found out your husband fantasizing other women. It is normal for guy to do so. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore. Thus, you’d better improve your sexual life before put a fight against him.

Divorce should be the very last choice that you should think in your mind. You might see people around you get divorced and they just look fine. However, to be in that ‘fine’ stage, you cannot imagine how they struggle. They lost many things.

If you still love your spouse, then don’t think to separate because lots of spouses said it’s torturing. Divorce isn’t good thing at all if you still have ‘love’ to him.

Thus, try another way to find the solution. Before deciding anything, ask yourself “can my marriage be saved?” If your heart says ‘it can’ then you can do it. Try to practice the solutions above and see the results.

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