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The Things May Happen When No Communication in Marriage

The Things May Happen When No Communication in Marriage

According to many couples’ opinion, one thing which causes a relationship broken is communication. Why does communication influence a lot towards a marriage?

One of significant reasons is because communication always happens in life. If only a couple does not follow the right way in communicating each other, it is worried that the marriage will be broken instantly.

Some couples may be not aware that something can happen after marriage. Good communication is needed in order to get long lasting family.

However, when you don’t have a good communication in a relationship, do not regret if someday a bad thing happens. There are some things may happen when no communication in marriage.

no communication in marriage

Miss-communication is one of the first case which affects relationship between men and woman. Somehow, as a wife, when you do not understand what your husband wants, it will cause miss-communication.

For example, your husband asks you something, but you forget to do it. Of course, he will get angry easily. Perhaps, at the first mistake he will not consider it as a fault.

However, when it happens again and again, he will feel annoyed anyway. A couple needs to talk everything even when it is a secret thing. It is called commitment of marriage not to hide something. Since, the essence of marriage is being open one another.

No communication in marriage can create a quarrel. When a wife and husband have different opinion, it may cause quarrel. This quarrel can make a family broken. Sometimes, it can also come with violence.

Usually, this violence happens to a young married couple. Violence occurs due to miss-understanding and miss-communication. Having different thought is one of the cases which causes broken home.

However, this does not only happen to young married couple, it can also occur to an old married couple who already has kids. If this really happens, it will give influence to the kids such as mental crisis, psychology problem, closed, or even some of them take a shortcut by suicide.

Still, there are many couples which can endure the family until they die. The way they face problems are different from one another. The most important thing is commitment in building family.

You have to trust each other, a wife should respect her husband, and the husband must love his wife. In order to keep this commitment, a couple should oversee communication between both sides.

Giving a sincere love by always saying some good words is the key of happy family and it can be proof that we always love him forever.

Nevertheless, communication is not the only thing which gives influence to a family. One other thing like financial factor can also make problem to a couple.

Yet, even though a couple has a lot of money, if there is no good communication, it will cause damage for the family. This two factors become the main factor which should be paid attention by all the couples, especially a new couple who just gets married.

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Finally, in building a good happy family, it needs role from both side. A wife has to be a wife who can serve her husband well, a husband has to be a husband who always loves his wife.

If only one of them does not follow the role, it probably can cause any problems which bring to a damage, especially when there is no communication anymore in marriage that could give worse condition.

If you really have communication problem in your marriage, you could visit this site to get more information which could give your inspiration in order to create such a happily family ever after.

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