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Effective Communication in Marriage for New Couple

Effective Communication in Marriage for New Couple

Marriage is one thing that all the man and woman want before they die. Everybody must be happy with their marriage.

However, some couple may not know that marriage sometimes brings conflicts if they do not build their family with good ways. One problem which sometimes happens in a marriage is communication.

Therefore, every couple should need effective communication in marriage so that their marriage can be long lasting. Especially, for a new marriage couple which needs to learn from people who have more experiences.

Building a relationship has a key. The most important key is communication. For a new marriage may have no problem with communication. Moreover, for them that have longer relationship before getting married.

However, everything can change by the time goes on. Perhaps, in the future your husband will be too busy working, and as a wife sometimes you think something bad because your husband is rarely talking to you.

As a wife, it is not wrong to start to talk with your husband so that there will be no miss-understanding. An effective communication can be done every day, either talking or other way.

Since, communication in a family does not always use mouth, because you can use other way like attention or caring. By welcoming well your husband after working can be called communication.

effective communication in marriage

Another key for effective communication is by not changing the habit which has done in the first marriage. It means that you can do the usual thing every day with your husband.

Laughing and making joke are two simple things which you could do every day. With this habit, so your marriage will not be too stiff. For instance, you can do a chit chat with your husband at night after he returns from work.

Looking to back flash is a good way by retelling the memory happened in the past. Singing together is also nice way for getting effective communication. You can do karaoke at home together.

There is another step to fulfill this communication runs properly. This way is quite easy but sometimes it is forgotten by most couples.

Saying “I love you” while kissing on the cheek or forehead is one perfect choice to get more effective communication in marriage.

For example, your husband is ready to go to office, then you can prepare his necessity. After that, ask him to kiss you and both of you may say “love you” each other. This activity can also be done when your husband comes back from work.

By doing this communication way every day, surely it will make your relationship last forever and always looks romantic.

Some couples may think that it is difficult enough to be done. Most of them wait for one another to do the first time. It this happen, by the time goes the relationship will be broken. A wife can start not believing the husband, vice versa.

Suppose you already have kids, you must be shy to your kids when you and your husband fight each other due to unimportant problem. Somehow, we must fight our ego or selfishness to maintain our relationship.

No matter how, a wife can also be good communicator suppose the husband does not want to start. A wife has a role to complete her husband’s weakness, and a husband must also understand his wife.

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At least, in building such an effective communication in marriage can be started since beginning. The most important thing is understanding one another. Make your husband look very important to you, and you also have to make your husband always need you. That is the key of happy ever after family.

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