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Finding Ways in How to Save Your Marriage

Finding Ways in How to Save Your Marriage

As a wife, you may find many obstacles in your marriage. Perhaps you feel your relationship boring and negative. It will be disappointing if the sanctity of your wedding put into an end. Are there any ways in how to save your marriage? Do you feel hopeless about it? Well, there are some efforts you can do to save it.

It depends on both of you. A bad marriage usually occurs as there are some minor issues unsolved. These problems become big over time if you don’t do something about them. Here are several things you can do to keep your marriage intact. 


1. Make It Simple

Describe something in 3 sentences. The lesser is the better actually. Problems often occur when you put additional sentences when you say something to your husband. For example, you can simply tell him about why he didn’t clean the kitchen. Don’t ever add sentences that may hurt his pride.

Otherwise, he will get flooded with your sentences and he usually doesn’t ever listen to what you say. Simple sentences will make him warned and he will listen to you. As a woman, it’s hard not to say something in details. This is what men don’t like about women. You should realize this important fact actually.

2. The Unexpected Appraisal

Don’t you know that your man is hungry of appraisal? You can simply disorient him with praise as a method in how to save a marriage. Surprise him with it just when he’s thinking that you are going to disapprove him.

For example, if he spends too much time in playing a game, you can simply praise him about the way he plays the game. He will be surprised as both of you have fought about this matter over and over again. This unexpected event will make him confused and it gives a positive effect to your marriage. If necessary, join him playing the game.

3. The “I” Statement

Many of women are familiar with I-statement. It’s a technique to express your feelings. It’s the best way to avoid attacking him regarding his bad behavior. This way, you are able to talk about the problem without attacking his pride.

The most important concern is that not all statements begin with the word “I”. If used inappropriately, it may cause big fights. Discussing some unwanted issues is a tricky business. You should know the situation beforehand. Your man can be a sensitive being regarding his pride. Unfortunately, you also concern greatly about your own pride.

4. Face the Fear

You have some lists that you don’t want to hear from your husband. In fact, you are sick of them. Instead of avoiding those worries, you should face them. It’s the best way to avoid further problems and it’s quite efficient in how to save your marriage.

Listen to his worries and it will make both of you better. You don’t even need to cheer him up or give solutions. You need only to listen and deal with any of your fears. Not all women are able to listen to his man. This is something that you should learn to save your marriage.

5. Spice up Your Sex Life

Sex is one of the best tools to save a marriage. You can take advantage of it. Any man loves sex and you should provide a great sexual experience to your husband. He will love you more if you can give what he really wants.

Here’s a precaution. Don’t mention the word “foreplay”. It isn’t sexy and it will make your sex life unattractive. Most couples don’t have a good sexual life and they face many problems in their marriage. What can you do? Being a sexy and appealing wife is a simple thing you can do.

6. Talking vs. Listening

Many couples fail in their marriage. What is the cause? The most common cause is the failure of listening. It’s an important matter and you should learn it well. Listening is a good gesture and it can really save your marriage.

Still, you should put a limit on it. There’s the time when you need to speak up and communicate. You can simply say calm and quick sentences when it’s necessary. Men may hate his woman who is too silent.

In summary, you are the one who can save your marriage. You don’t need to buy a book or hire an expert in how to save your marriage. Those simple things above can be the basic guides to keep everything managed in your wedding. Both of you need to love and praise unconditionally. This will give a positive effect in your marriage.

Don’t forget to put some humor as your relationship can turn out cold over time. If you want to learn more about this issue, you can click here. There are many new things you can learn from the site. Take your time and make your marriage as hot as before.

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