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Why Women Can Stay Strong in Unhealthy Marriage and Relationships

Why Women Can Stay Strong in Unhealthy Marriage and Relationships

Some couples can’t avoid divorce. They know that it can be both painful and difficult. In the end, it will put lots of bad effects for either the woman or man. On the other hand, there are some couples who work hard to maintain their marriage.

Do you do the same in your marriage and relationships? Women will use their emotions and it is their nature. Involving in an unhealthy marriage will make you hurt and sad. You have the reasons to stay strong in your marriage. The reasons perhaps are the same with other women who are working hard with their bad marriage.


Kids’ Happiness is Primary

The primary reason is related to the kids. You don’t want to hurt you children because of a divorce. It’s a nature for a woman who put her kids as a top priority. When it is about making decisions about a divorce, women consider the feelings of their kids over their own. They will sacrifice their happiness for the sake of the kids.

Do you feel the same? It’s your nature to make your kids as happy as always. It is also the matter of biological clock. Women will feel bad if they leave their marriage and they need to avoid it as much as they can.

Next reason why women often work hard in their unhealthy marriage relationship is related to their self-esteem. Most of the women remain in their bad marriage because they don’t have the confidence. They are a fragile creature and they can’t stay strong in such kind of situation.

When they face bad things, they will be grateful with everything they have. It means they will stay in such bad relationship even if they will feel sad and unhappy. Are you feeling the same? You will use mostly of your emotions, won’t you?

Other Reasons to Keep a Marriage Intact

The other reason is related to the marriage disruption. The majority of the women won’t disrupt their married lifestyle. Women can easily be accustomed to their relationship. It will be hard if they need to break the habit. Their social and professional circles will ruin if they live a single life.

Their families will tell them to stay strong in their marriage. It’s the only way they can be happy. Giving up a marriage will be a shame for the entire family. Separation should be the last choice actually. Overall, a woman will start everything from the bottom if she decides to get a divorce.

Next common reason is about the finance. Most of the women will live in an unhealthy marriage relationship. It’s better when compared to live in a bad financial state. Once they get divorced, they will lose financial support from their spouse.

Women tend to be dependent to their husband’s income. A good finance is the only way they can protect their happiness and health. Also, they can’t risk the happiness of their kids. It will be hard for them to support their kids’ finance in the future without a husband. In some cases, independent women won’t be affected by this kind of reason.

Having no reference for a good relationship also becomes the reason why women won’t leave their unhappy marriage. They can’t sacrifice what they have for something uncertain. They will be powerless if they do so. Divorce seems worse than an unhealthy marriage.

Women have a negative perception about their future when divorced. In the end, they choose to live a bad marriage instead of getting a divorce. They also lack the skills to rebuild a new life and move on. Most of them fail in this phase actually. They need a help from a man. They cannot live in their own.

There’s also a reason such as the fear of being single. Even though single life represents a freedom, they have no confidence in it. They are afraid of being alone and single. A single life seems worse than living in an unhappy marriage.

Another reason is that they still have the commitment in their marriage. They will bear the suffering as long as they can keep their marriage intact. Well, aside of being aware about the reasons to keep strong in a marriage, you need to know some signs of an unhappy relationship. It can save you from worse condition in the future. What are they? Have you already recognized it?

Both ridicule and criticism are bad in your marriage. Almost all couples will criticize their spouse due to many reasons. They also ridicule and embarrass their partner in front of other people. This is something that you should avoid.

Lack of communication also becomes another reason why you are living in a bad marriage and relationships. Communication is the key of a happy marriage. If you don’t have a good quality of communication, you will lose the emotional intimacy. It also leads into disengagement and aggressive behavior. These are bad in your marriage as well. For further info, you can visit here.

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