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Getting to Know Marriage Counseling Questions

Getting to Know Marriage Counseling Questions

Marriage counseling questions are important for couples of which relationship are in a danger or threatening condition. These questions are made to meet any broken relationship within the marriage with the aim to help couples deal with problems and improve their relationship.

Some might feel that being given these queries is a dreadful experience; however, should your ultimate objective is to save your marriage, then, it is likely that you have to chew them and start working your best to regain your marital bliss.

The following are 5 top marriage counseling questions you need to learn in order to help you acknowledge your marital issue better and determine which action to be prioritized in mending your damaged relationship with your spouse.


1. What Are the Main Issues?

This is a very crucial question given that each couple needs to recognize the most significant problem within their relationship. Most often, the issues are something that is/are insignificant to one spouse while it does matter to the other.

It takes a commitment and willingness from both partners to discuss the particular problems along with the counselor so as to they can find the best solution to the problems as well as enhancing their relationship.

We may learn that sometimes spouses fight over some issues for years but unable to identify the exact causes or which issues are the main ones. Surely, such a condition requires an immediate action to help them deal with the problem and strengthen their bond again.

2. What Type of Love Do You and Your Spouse Feel?

Another basic and crucial question to ask in marriage counseling is something regarding love. It is very common for every married couple to fall in and out of romantic love; however, a true marriage will have a deeper love.

Acknowledging whether your spouse still has those particular deep and unwavering feelings for you is important given that it defines whether or not your marriage is worth prolonged and fighting for. Should one of you has stopped caring to each other, that is when the disaster in your marriage begin.

3. Would You Like to Divorce?

Some people are worried that their relationship is unsalvageable; that there is no return point; such a condition will force the counselor to ask you this sensitive “Do you want to divorce?” marriage counseling questions.

However, you need to think about this issue over and over again since divorce is something that is not only going to devastate both spouses, but their children as well. There are too many things to give up for this process and make sure that you are ready for it should you need to take the step.

Remember, that there is always something to fight for together to make your marriage work. Make sure that you have already done everything to save your broken marriage before deciding to break up and divorce because once you make the decision; it will be very hard for you to turn back.

4. Do You Trust Me?

One of the most crucial facets in any kinds of relationship is trust. When you or your spouse are not trusting each other anymore, chances are both of you will have difficulty in connecting and have a bond to each other on any level.

However, it is never too late for both of you to work together on your distrustful relationship and rebuilt your trust to each other once more. The most powerful key to regain trust from your spouse is forgiveness. It may open some wounds to some wrongdoings in the past, but together, you can discuss the feelings and the actions to take to help you regain his trust or vice versa.

5. Will You Change To Make Improvements?

It should take you both to work on together in improving your relationship. You and your spouse should be willing and be prepared to do every possible effort to make things improved and better. Sometimes, it only takes small changes from each of you to mend your marital environment that will bring forth helpful and positive changes.

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