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3 Subtle Signs of A Loveless Marriage and How to Survive It

3 Subtle Signs of A Loveless Marriage and How to Survive It

A loveless marriage is definitely something that every married couple stays away from experiencing it; yet, to some of us, such a condition is inevitable and has to be dealt with. Should you feel that your marriage is similar to such a condition, be of no worry given that there are always ways to solve your problem and bring your marital bliss back.

However, we need to understand that there are some differences between couples who are going through some rough time within their marriages (which is something normal and usual) and couples who live a loveless one.


The ultimate difference between the two conditions would be how the particular problems are solved. To help us understand more about what the latest marriage and how to survive it, let us learn more on this issue from the following passage.

Signs of a Loveless Marriage

We may conclude that an unhappy and loveless marriage is actually a gradual accumulation of pain, bitterness, annoyances, ego and miscommunication that weigh the marriage down. Ignoring the signs and avoiding talking about the issue along with both couples’ feelings about it over the time will only lead your marriage to come to an end.

Knowing the signs of an unhappy relationship and how to survive it is surely a real hope that will help you and your husband to regain your joyful and passionate romance once more. Make sure that you pay attention to the following signs that to some people may seem to be normal within a marriage, but have the greatest potential to ruin it even before you both realize it.

1. Emotional Affairs

A healthy marriage will have you and your husband to be each other’s true confidant. Communicating and sharing your daily life details with your husband and vice versa should be something you both are looking for.

Should you realize that your husband feels more comfortable talking to someone else about his secrets or sharing his experiences and day-to-day details to that particular person, you need to mark it as a red flag that need an immediate and urgent settling.

Your husband may consider it as an emotional release at first, but it will devastate your marriage at the end. So, make a move and start working on your communication and trust that will help you to rebuild a healthy and good communication in marriage with the ultimate objective to reach your content relationship.

2. Lusty Mind

As a woman, you realize that your husband is married to you, yet, he keeps on getting sexually attracted to someone else, even only for a short moment of time. In an unhappy and loveless marriage, couples who has lusty mind tend to hide this sort of crush themselves.

Unfortunately, keeping the secrets from their spouses will not only leave them annoyed out of guilty feeling, but make them feel more distant to their spouses as well. Should you feel that you and your husband are in such a condition, start to invest your time and effort in nurturing and fostering a secure and healthy relationship for that reason you both can freely talk about each other’s crush and even bigger issue without any awkward feeling at all.

3. Expectations and Comparisons

It is very common that when we get married, we often packed our bags with countless numbers of hopes and expectations of what a marriage and a spouse should be. Unfortunately, being living in a real world, all those hopes and expectations may not be able to be met.

Many times, we expect our spouse too much and tend to undermine or pressurize them by comparing them to other people or other relationships. Making one’s spouse feeling that they are never good enough is something hurtful and leads the way to ruin your relationship.

It might even cause you to live in an unhappy and loveless marriage. For that reason, start accepting your spouse the way they are and be grateful for them. Help them dealing with their weaknesses and enhance their goodness in a loving and passionate way.

Living in a loveless marriage is, indeed, a dreadful thing to imagine. Yet, you have to fight for your loved one should you want to turn your condition into a delightful one. Kelsey Diamond Obsession Phrase could be your ultimate key to reach your objective of having not only a great marriage, but a wonderful, devoted and loving husband as well.

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