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5 Fundamental Strategies of Communication In Marriage

5 Fundamental Strategies of Communication In Marriage

Communication in marriage has been widely known to play a major role in sustaining a stronger and solid marriage and relationship. Surely, there are countless numbers of marriage facets that require careful and earnest care and attention in order to achieve a fruitful and happy marriage; but communication is like the artery of a marriage.

It is indeed become the ultimate channel for couples to share their feelings, ideas, experiences, inner thoughts and other important information. The predispositions and attitude of each couple affect the capability and wellness of the aforementioned artery to serve their intended objectives which includes a two-way communication.

Should the communication artery is blocked or hardened by something, couples will lose nearly all their capability to respond to each other in an understanding and loving manner. Similar to our body’s artery that a blockage can be fatal, so does the communication as the marriage artery.


Thus, couples need to find the best way and strategies to learn more about communication in marriage in order to build not only a healthy artery, but a healthy marriage and relationship as well.

Here are 5 fundamental communication strategies you can learn and apply to your broken relationship.

1. Consciously Make an Effort to Communicate to each other

Some people think that we only need to communicate with our spouse on big and important moments and information. In fact, it is the simple day-to-day and apparently mundane communications that develop and maintain relationship and marriage.

Do not be surprise that couples who have frequent daily conversations experience a reinforced marital commitment. Thus, you need to understand the importance of sharing your feelings, personal thoughts and goals with your couple regularly and start doing it starting from now.

2. Show Affection to Each Other

One of the vital aspects of commitment is affection which refers not only verbally, but physically as well. Affection demonstrates you and your spouse’s positive feelings toward each other.

Telling each other that they care, surprise each other with gifts and little treats along with engaging physically such as kissing, hugging, touching, caressing each other are among the myriads things spouses can do to express their affection for one another. You may acknowledge that this kind of strategy of communication in marriage will work well on our relationship and marriage in the long haul.

3. Share Your Companionship

When it comes to companionship, it means the delight and pleasure you both find in spending your time together; this includes your valued activities. You may have heard an adage that says “couples who play together stay together” thousands of time; this time, sink it in your heart because such thing is applicable to your marriage now.

One important aspect of commitment is the enjoyment of spending time together and mutual liking; therefore, you need to start working on this strategy for your happy marriage life.

4. Celebrate Your Relationship

Married couples who celebrates their relationship by means of emphasizing important moments and events in their previous, current and future life, chances are their relationship and marriage will be reinforced and be able to withstand the time.

Both relationship and individual’s special moment such as wedding anniversary, each other’s birthday and other significant milestones throughout their marriage are among the many events to celebrate together.

Their interactions in doing the aforementioned activity will strengthen their bond and lead them to acknowledge the importance of the relationship and marriage to them; which will sustain them in the long run.

5. Deal With Problems

No relationships are conflicts resistant; in fact, it is something inevitably aroused in every relationship that require careful, wise and mature deed to deal with.

Every couple is highly suggested to heartily engage in approaches to work through and resolve conflicts given that such conflicts can turn into issues with capability to weaken their commitment and the relationship and marriage eventually.

You need to fully listen and hear your spouse, communicate your issues and need clearly and in a way that your spouse understand since no one is able to read other’s mind to maintain not only a good communication in the marriage but also to strengthen your relationship and marriage. Avoid attacking each other; instead, focus on the problems and give your best effort to solve them.

It is proven that couples who communicate in a way that intensifies and maintains their commitment and relationship will have a longer and happier marriage. The above strategies of communication in the marriage will help you reaching a higher level in your marriage where you both will experience better feelings love, trust and passion. It may take time, but it is certainly worth to try.

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