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How To Make A Marriage Work: 5 Things to Consider

How To Make A Marriage Work: 5 Things to Consider

The question on how to make a marriage work might be hanging around your mind for a couple of times due to your marriage friction and condition. However, be encouraged that there is always a way to mend any broken relationship and marriage when the person is highly committed, eager, diligent and does everything from the heart.

As a wife, you can start the process from yourself. Even if your husband is not on the same boat with you at the present, don’t be discouraged, given that, eventually, you will achieve your best outcome for each fight and effort you invest on mending your marriage.


Should you need some tips and advice on the aforementioned issue, the following information might be your best source to help you reaching your marital bliss once and for all.

1. Getting To Know Things That Makes Your Spouse Feel Most Loved And Do It

We need to realize that people feel most loved in different ways. Some people crave for a simple hug and kiss after a long day of work separate them, other might want a romantic date night, some other wish for his or her spouse tell them verbally that they mean the world to their spouse, and so on.

Your task is to find out what makes your darling husband feel most loved and include those words or actions into your daily routine. You will be surprised with the outcome. He might even reciprocate your action and open a door to a better marriage life.

2. Leave Behind Buts and Ifs

We agree that each person has their own expectations of who they want their spouses to be instead of letting their darling spouses to be themselves. In fact, should you love your spouse; you have to accept him for who he is now instead of who you want him to be.

Avoid setting certain conditions under which you are going to love him. In this case, you need to be accepting and tolerant to your darling spouse.  That is one of the best advice to apply on how to make a marriage work.

3. Make Your Marriage Your Topmost Priority

With our daily business of raising children, burdens at work along with the growing responsibilities as parents and more have forced many married couples to put aside their marriage maintenance into the last list to check. Regrettably, years to come these couple will only find themselves living as roommate instead of a soul mate.

You need to make your marriage your top priority which will cause you to make a conscious preference to grow with your darling spouse every single day. The list of priorities should be marriage comes first, children are in number two and work is your third one.

When you put your marriage first, children will do better for being raised in a healthy pleasant home with two loving parents. This means you don’t have to put extra time in managing your kids. When you put marriage first and have a happy loving marriage life, you and your husband will also be able to be more productive in work. Avoid reversing the priority, unless you want to fail your marriage.

4. Commitment

This is one of the most crucial ingredients of a happy marriage. The commitment that two married couples have will bond them together even when they feel irritated, furious or even tired with one another.

There are times when couples need to look back to the very beginning of their marriage, particularly, when they verbalize the vows and reflect. This effort may help them pushing away any disturbing problem and issues arising in their current nuptial life and makes them willing to forgive each other and start all over again.

5. Appreciate Your Spouse, Acknowledge Every Minor Thing He Has Done for You And Return the Favor

Another best tip to apply on how to make a marriage work is to acknowledge every small favor from your husband, show your appreciation given that you do understand that those little deeds are something he does out of love and return the favors.

You can simply start by doing something small, but meaningful for him and what you are about to receive is not a mere reciprocation from your beloved one, but an improved relationship and connection as well.

Upon learning things that could help you become succeed on how to make a marriage work, it is time for you to do your part and invest your best time and effort on your marriage. You will reap what sow at the time.

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