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How To Fix My Marriage: The Do’s and Don’ts

How To Fix My Marriage: The Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to methods on how to fix my marriage, it sometimes put me in the most vulnerable place in the world. Having a shattered marriage is hard to chew, yet, we need to do our best to save something honorable that we have started some time ago.

We need to make sure that we invest our best efforts, love, commitment and hard works to make our marriage work and regain our marital bliss once and for all. However, sometimes, things go wrong and we have to face the hurt, angst, sorrow and anxiety over a broken marriage. Here are some practical tips about things to do and don’t do on your attempt to repair your relationships and marriage.


The Do’s n How to Fix My Marriage

– Be the Best of You

Surely, being in a ruined nuptial life is awful and devastating. However, you need to see the bright side and make the best out of such situation. Consider that the adversity you are experiencing now is an opening for you to excel and demonstrate your best characteristics even more.

Reflect and revive your previous qualities that made your husband fall in love with you in the first place. Do not be afraid to be adventuresome, caring, daring and charming in pursuing your ultimate objective of having a happy marriage. He used to love those qualities you have; chances are, he will do again.

– Don’t Give Up, Start from You

Some women feel so helpless when it comes to a wrecked relationship and marriage given that in general, it is women who tend to start the effort to repair it and get neither help nor responses from their men. However, you can start the process of healing by yourself.

It is possible for you to help rebuild trust, restore your intimacy and strengthen your bond singlehandedly. Without doubt, it will take a huge effort, patient, love and commitment from you. Nevertheless, it is something worth fighting, especially when the prize is your fruitful marriage and relationship.

– Figure out The Issues

The first thing to do for your healing process and move forward in a new perspective together is to figure out what is wrong with your broken relationship. You need to make time to fully commit discussing the issues in an open and frank way.

Take time to listen to your husband to speak up what is on his mind uninterruptedly; then take turn to express your personal issues calmly and not in an upset manner. Then you can start discuss the matter for the best solution and work together to conquer the particular issues.

Make sure that every word that outlines your weaknesses or failures is not a weapon to make you feel bad or hurt; instead it is an opportunity for you to improve yourself and be the best of you. Deal this problem in a calm and positive manner .

The Don’ts n How to Fix My Marriage

– Never Talk Problems To Others

When there is a problem in a relationship or marriage, women tend to talk it out to her closest relatives or friends. Some people think that this action is natural and fine given that every person need time and people to ventilate their feelings. In fact, talking our broken marriage or wrecked relationship to friends, in-laws or even to our parents will not grant you any solution.

Here are several things that may happen when you tell your personal issues to someone other than your husband: they may tell others about your problems, your husband may feel betrayed (you are betraying his trust), some bad advice are be what you may get from them, which will not help your effort of trying to mend your relationship, some of the people you share the issues with could utter bad comments about your husband that cause more problem in healing your broken marriage.

Note that it is always to come to your husband first when an issue arrives; take time to not only discuss it with him, but listen to him as well.

– Always Avoid the “D” Word

Some people think that divorce is the best option for them to take when it comes to broken marriage. The truth is, you can always fix things and there is always a hope for any broken relationship and marriage.

Never think or consider that divorce is the answer. Do your best to save & fight for your marriage, remember all the years you have been together in good and bad, and picture your upcoming marital bliss with a lot of hard work, commitment and love in dealing and overcoming your problems now.

It is indeed a frustrating point in your and my life when it comes to how to fix my marriage. However, you can always have an answer for every problem, including this particular issue. Try to visit this link: http://www.obsessionphrases.com and discover your most suitable solution on your attempt to pursue your marriage delight.

Be among the many women who have already experienced their dream come true.

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