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How To Fix A Broken Marriage: Four Practical Steps To Consider

How To Fix A Broken Marriage: Four Practical Steps To Consider

When it comes to tips and advice on how to fix a broken marriage, we might want to avoid all the sheer dread that every married couple should face and experience in struggling to gain their marital bliss back.

Broken marriage may cause anxiety along with grief in both spouses. We all agree that the act of fixing a broken marriage is a time-consuming process as well as a demanding one to go through. As hard as it is, you need to assure yourself, as a wife, that there is always a way to mend your marriage and regain your intimacy and connection with your loved one.

All you need to do is having a strong commitment and start working to make things right. The following passage are five practical steps you can try to mend your shattered marriage so as to you can reach your dream happy marriage.


Four Practical Steps on How To Fix A Broken Marriage

In most cases, you can still save your marriage by doing certain things to mend both your broken relationship and marital life with your beloved man. Follow the subsequent steps to regain your marital bliss and joyful bond with him.

1. Sincere Conversation

Once you both have acknowledged that there are some problems and issues need to be addressed within your marriage, you need to focus on determining the most suitable (if not the best) solution to solve the problem. However, given that broken relationship may also concern about one’s feelings, you both need to agree to share a sincere conversation about your feelings.

Make sure that you clearly discuss your feelings on your strained marriage and your desire to mend it. You can ask him whether he has the mutual feeling with you or not and tell him that you would also like to learn about his opinion on the particular issue.

Such a discussion will avoid any confrontation from your darling man and help you open more doors that lead to every possible solution for your strained marriage.

2. Write Down and Share Your Thoughts with Your Husband

There are times when you cannot utter what’s on your mind that might cause your communication with your spouse becomes distressing and in a poor shape. Give yourself some time to reflect, write down things that you are unable to say and share it with him.

It might be his first time to finally be able to listen to and hear you. Sometimes, by writing down our thoughts, it is our true sadness that is written, instead of our anger over certain issues within the marriage.

3. Intensify Your Touching

Some marriage problems are caused by the distance feeling a spouse feels over a long period of time due to the hectic job and daily routines. Touching, much less kissing and cuddling the wife seems to be the last thing a man has in mind.

As important as touching to reconnect husbands with their wives, you can start it by giving your husband a gentle pad on his shoulder, a mild stroke in his head or simply sit next to him while watching TV and let your body touch each other.

It surely needs some time to try before you finally feel the igniting little sparks again since you may find out that it feels so awkward due to your lack of touching habit for certain period of time. Try to increase the sparks to help you reconnect with your spouse emotionally. Touching can help produce oxytocin hormone that creates a closer feeling between couples.

This effort may help you remember the reasons why you are attracting to each other at the first place and look back to all the memory you both have shared together so far – both ups and downs in your life together.

4. Learn Some New Ways of Communication

We all agree that a healthy relationship require a healthy communication. A broken communication will be followed by the broken relationship. Since communication is a skill; everyone should keep on learning and discover new ways and patterns of communication to help them connect and reconnect with their loved ones.

In fact, developing new ways to communicate with your darling man is a daunting task to do, given that it requires a very great effort for each of us to break down our hard-wired habit. However, in order to save your marriage, you need to change any unhealthy patterns of communication within your nuptial life.

Using kind words are highly recommended should you both have a pattern of being sarcastic to each other. While telling your spouse honestly and straightforwardly is for you whose pattern of communication is a kind of a passive agreement one.

Have a plan for a movie or a coffee date might work well for each of you who have gotten into ignoring each other, and simply live side by side in silence. These efforts will help you open a way for a better communication to repair some issues within your marriage and lead you to the healing and restoration of your relationship with your spouse.

It is true that the road you are going to take in applying all those advice on how to fix a broken marriage will be a long journey and it is not going to be easy. However, you both can strive for what is best for your marriage life. It is something worth fighting.

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