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Unhappy Marriage Advice: 3 Fundamental Aspects to Consider

Unhappy Marriage Advice: 3 Fundamental Aspects to Consider

A good unhappy marriage advice should include a number of fundamental aspects such as rekindle the dreary love, abandon the ‘happily ever after’ myth, forgive each other daily and many more.

Being in an unhappy marriage will surely drain our energy and mind. It might be started when spouses find out that their love to each other grows dimmer while they are living in resentment and bitterness that might even lead them into a total isolation.

Before your marriage turn into something that is not salvageable, it is better for you to solve the entire intertwined problem within your marital life and turn it into a thriving and happy one.

You have to understand that it is not humiliating to struggle for making your marriage and long-term relationship happen as expected. It does take a lot of effort from both of you, but it is definitely something worth trying knowing that marital bliss is what you are going to achieve.


3 Fundamental Unhappy Marriage Advice to Learn

The following is 3 unhappy marriage advice to help you:

  1. Be Realistic and Acknowledge the Problem

Most of us enter the marriage with our own version of love and what the marital life would be like. Believing that we will live happily ever after and think that our spouse is responsible for our happiness will not help you reach your dream marriage; in fact, it will only hurt us more. You need to be realistic about what is going on within your marital life and acknowledge each problem and work hard to get the best solution.

There are myriads aspects that might cause one’s marriage to be wretched: one of those is the lost of their initial love and an affair done by one or both couples. However, couples who had married for years may also develop a routine marital life that tends to lead them to take each other for granted and make them loose their touch.

Acknowledging the real problem that cause both of you being in a wretched marriage will help you determine which solution and advice that suit your needs best. You can solve the problem yourself or get some help from professionals or even seniors within your family and community.

Make sure that you both understand that to mend your long-term relationship will take a strong commitment and diligence, a forgiving attitude, and it takes time. It does need both spouses’ cooperation to make it work and last long.

  1. Communicate, Communicate and Communicate

Communication has always become one of the first priorities to take into account when it comes to problem in a marriage. There are a number of ways married couples can communicate to each other that will help them keep their connection and bond without end.

Words are only one of the ways to do it. As a matter of fact, you can express your feeling to your spouse through your eye contact, body language, your physical touch, and your facial expressions or even through written notes and small gifts.

To spark up your love life as well as rebuilding your broken communication, you can also start planning to spend more time together. Plan a date night, hang out together, make time at least 10 minutes a day to be your ‘our time’ or learn new things together that will not only help you to communicate well, but liven your love as well.

Whichever methods you choose to communicate with your spouse, you have to make sure that he also speaks the same language; this will help you achieve your objective successfully.

  1. Forgive, Forget and Start Trusting One another

Unhappy marriage is something that is so consuming and devastating for every individual who takes part in it, including our children. You both need to sacrifice certain things in order to achieve the better – even the best- thing.

Accept your spouse the way they are and learn to forgive his mistakes – since nobody is perfect. Avoid any grudges and resentments to dwell in your heart given that such things will only worsen your relationship with him.

The first step to restore your relationship is by assuring your spouse that he can trust you for a second time. Have a discussion on problems in your relationship along with your responsibility on it is crucial. You need to apologize and keep working for the best, even though he might not seem in the same place with you yet.

A lot of hard works, forgive each other and start trusting one another seem to be a great unhappy marriage advice to try to help you restore your relationship and achieve your dream marital bliss.

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